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Southern Cal Creatives

Birds of a feather and all that jazz! Events for the weird, wonderful world of creatives. Play, learn, have fun.

About Us

Really? You want to put us in a box?! We just got started here!

Cirina Catania, Founder, Wayne Read, OWC Sponsor and creative thought leaders from the San Diego

We were born to create, not to work in tiny spaces. We don't really like to crunch numbers, rather, we love to see magic happen with our craft. Yes, we plan to save the world. Want to join us?

We support our friends

Connection through media, film, TV, music, dance, art...that is what our lives are about. Don't even try to understand us. We not ony move to the beat of a different drummer. We build our own drums!

What is Southern Cal Creatives about?

This is a place for us to share inspiration, learn new ways to support ourselves, and to have fun while we do it. The world around us can be challenging, but we take care of each other and help each other be successful.

Reviews from the last Southern Cal Creatives Event


"Awesome evening and I’m grateful to have been invited. Cirina, you did a superb job of facilitating things! And deep thanks to Wayne Read and OWC for sponsoring and thereby fostering these creative community connections. A cohesive community grows -— hopefully, growth means larger and larger projects  — and that’s what typically translates into more need for the kind of tools OWC provides."


"I am humbled and excited that you are interested in helping our creative community flourish into a real thriving INDUSTRY. Thank you for such a low key, no stress and GREAT energy evening. A great start. "


"Thank you for your love and was lovely."

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